day 1 agenda

9th Edition of innovations In FOOD SCIENCE AND HUMAN NUTRITION (IFHN-2024)
Jun 26 - 27, 2024 at Prague, Czech Republic

Day-1 (June 26, 2024)
08:00-09:00   Registrations 
09:00-09:20   Welcome Remarks by Moderator
Keynote Talks
Oliver Micke,
Franziskus Hospital, Germany
09:20-09:50 Title:- Hypomagnesemia: biomarker, relevance, clinical implications
M. Bajaj-Elliott,
Great Ormond Street Hospital, University College London, UK
09:50-10:20 Title:-Impact of Gut Microbial-derived Metabolites on Intestinal Epithelial and Resident Microbiome Homeostasis in Health & Disease
Wei Zhao,
USDA-ARS, US Horticultural Research Laboratory, USA
10:20-10:50 Title:-A novel multiplex lateral flow assay for rapid assessment of pectin
structural/functional properties
Group Photo & Refreshment Break (10:50-11:10)
Technical Session-I 
SESSION THEMES: Food and Nutritional Science
                                  Functional Foods, Nutrition, Nutraceuticals & Bioactives
Session Chairs: Prof. Oliver Micke, Franziskus Hospital, Germany
                          Prof. M. Bajaj-Elliott, University College London, UK
Julang Li,
University of Guelph, Canada
11:10-11:30 Title:-A novel Bacillus subtilis-based probiotic with antipathogen and intestine protection activity
Chang Woock Lee,
University of Houston-Victoria, USA
11:30-11:50 Title:-The effect of inadequate choline intake on strength and lean mass gains in older adults
Julia Bello-Bravo,
Purdue University, USA           
11:50-12:10 Title:-Best Practices on the Processing of Wagashie Traditional Cheese from Ghana
Katarzyna Tyskiewicz,
Supercritical Extraction Research Group, Lukasiewicz Research Network – New Chemical Syntheses Institute, Poland
12:10-12:30 Title:-Valorization of food industry waste into products with high value added
Ayse Karadag,
Yildiz Technical University, Turkey
12:30-12:50 Title:-Propolis-loaded liposomes: characterization and in vitro bioaccessibility of
phenolic compounds
Ippei Inoue,
Suntory Global Innovation Center Ltd, Japan
12:50-13:10 Title:-Construction of 3D Fluid Pattern in Beverage using a Drawing Robot
Lunch Break @ Restaurant (13:10-14:00)
Technical Session-II
THEMES: Food Engineering and Bioavailability
                Nutrition and Health
                Nutrition for Health and Sustainability
                Traditional & Future Foods
Session Chairs:Chang Woock Lee, University of Houston-Victoria, USA
                          Laura Hix Glickman, Adjuvia Therapeutics, Inc., USA
Trinidad Perez-Palacios,
University of Extremadura, Spain
14:00-14:20 Title:-Optimization of fish oil emulsion preparation to improve stability, efficiency and bioaccessibility of ω-3 microcapsules
Leili Afsah-Hejri,
Lakeland University, USA
14:20-14:40 Title:-E-Nose Technology: from Food Safety Research to Classroom Instruction
Chihiro Minamoto,
National Institute of Technology (KOSEN), Niihama College, Japan
14:40-15:00 Title:-Effects of water hardness on the flavor and antioxidant activity of Ishizuchi dark tea
Weerachet Jittanit, 
Kasetsart University, Thailand
15:00-15:20 Title:-The effects of applying gellan gum and trehalose with ohmic heating technique on the quality attributes of refrigerated ready-to-eat cooked brown rice 
Yifei Hu,
Capital Medical University, China
15:20-15:40 Title:-Insufficient fruit and vegetable intake and low potassium intake aggravate early renal damage in children: a longitudinal study
Hendrik Gideon Brink,
University of Pretoria, South Africa
15:40-16:00 Title:-Simultaneous pH and EC control in hydroponics through real-time manipulation of the ammonium-to-nitrate ratio in the nutrient solution
Refreshment Break (16:00-16:15)
Kazuhiro Takagi,
General Incorporated Association Novel Compounds Exploration Research Organization (NERO), Japan
16:15-16:35 Title:-TBA
Meilun Li,
China Agricultural University, China
16:35-16:55 Title:-Insights into core microbes associated with key aroma formation in fermented pepper paste based on correlation analysis and validation experiments
Dai Ishikawa,
Juntendo University School of Medicine, Japan
16:55-17:15 Title:-A Randomized Placebo-Controlled Trial of Combination Therapy With Post-triple-antibiotic-therapy Fecal Microbiota Transplantation and Alginate for Ulcerative Colitis 
Pannel Discussions

day 2 agenda

Day-2 (June 27, 2024)
Keynote Session 
Axel Kramer,
University Medicine Greifswald, Germany
09:00-09:30 Title:-Ethanol is indispensable for virucidal hand antisepsis and harmless – a classification of ethanol based hand rubs (EBHR) as carcinogenic, mutagenic, or reprotoxic by the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) would be an disaster and lacks any scientific basis
Daniela Bermudez-Aguirre, 
USDA ARS Eastern Regional Research Center, USA
09:30-10:00 Title:-Radio frequency pasteurization of eggs: an innovative technology to ensure the microbial safety and quality of eggs
Technical Session-III
THEMES: Food Security and Challenges
                 Food Waste Tackling
                 Technologies for Sustainable Farming Systems
                 The Human Microbiome
Session Chairs: Joel Fleurence, Nantes University, France
                          Katarzyna Tyskiewicz, Lukasiewicz Research Network – New Chemical Syntheses Institute, Poland
Raffaele Lamana,
10:00-10:20 Title:-Spatial dependence of food chemical profiles investigated by NMR: from territorial origin to precision agriculture applications
Joel Fleurence,
Nantes University, France
10:20-10:40 Title:-Biotechnology processes applied to edible seaweeds: Realities and perspectives
Refreshment Break (10:40-10:55)
Lloyd Baiyegunhi,
University of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
10:55-11:15 Title:-Welfare impact of improved maize varieties adoption and crop diversification practices among smallholder maize farmers in Ogun State, Nigeria
Magnus Stoud Myhre,
SINTEF Ocean, Norway
11:15-11:35 Title:-Mapping of Marine Rest Raw Materials in the Norwegian Seafood Industry: A Decade of Results 
Rusen Metin Yildirim,
Yildiz Technical University, Turkey
11:35-11:55 Title:-The production of lecithin enriched with phenolics from olive mill wastewater and its utilization in the food formulation
Cristina Domenech Coca
11:55-12:15 Title:-Exploring the Relationship between Diamine Oxidase and Psychotropic Medications in Fibromyalgia Treatment, Finding No Reduction in Diamine Oxidase Levels and Activity Except with Citalopram
Laura Hix Glickman,
Adjuvia Therapeutics, Inc., USA
12:15-12:35 Title:-Preclinical development of ATI-103, a proprietary astaxanthin nanoemulsion with superior bioactivity and bioavailability in vitro and in vivo
Ahlam Badreldin El Shikieri,
 Taibah University, Saudi Arabia
12:35-12:55 Title:-Visceral adipose index and lipid accumulation product as cardiometabolic risk markers among postmenopausal Sudanese women
Ilkay Gok,
Istanbul Okan University, Turkey
12:55-13:15 Title:-Impact of roasting degree on sensory profile of Turkish coffee and espresso assessed by Turkish and Brazilian panelists
Lunch Break @ Restaurant (13:15-14:00)
 Technical Session- IV (14:00-15:00) - Poster Viewing
 Technical Session- V
Session Chairs: Raffaele Lamana, ENEA SSPT-BIOAG-PROBIO, Italy
                           Hendrik Gideon Brink, University of Pretoria, South Africa
Pavla Pabiskova,
Charles University – Institute for Environmental Studies
Crop Research Institute, Czech Republic
15:00-15:20 Title:-Folsomia candida as suitable ecotoxicological models for untarget pesticide effect in the food production
Ayoub Al-Jawaldeh,
Regional Adviser for Nutrition WHO- The Regional Office fo Eastern Mediterannian, Egypt
15:20-15:40 Title:-Reshaping Food System for Better Health and Nutrition in the Eastern Mediterranean Region
Alejandra Elizabeth Kun Gonzalez,
Laboratorio de Acustica Ultrasonora of the Facultad de Ciencias-Universidad de la Republica, in Uruguay
15:40-16:00 Title:-Ultrafast Doppler imaging combined with scanning laser confocal microscopy leads to the understanding and assessment of ageing and neurodegenerative-associated vascular changes in murine hippocampi
Refreshment Break (16:00-16:15)
Francesca Girotto
Universita degli Studi di Milano,Italy
16:15-16:35 Title:-Exploring sustainable protein sources for sport beverages: a focus on
sunflower press-cake upcycling
Giorgio Innocenzo Ascrizzi
Universita degli Studi di Milano,Italy
16:35-16:55 Title:-Assessing the techno-functionality of upcycled cannabis sativa L. meals
Pannel Discussions

posters agenda

Benakriche Ben Mehel, 
University of Mostaganem, Algeria
P-1 Title: Lactic acid bacteria isolated from fermented Algerian wheat and their impact on intestinal function
Zhang Meili, 
Inner Mongolia Agricultural University, Huhhot, P.R.China
P-2 Title: Improving the adsorption characteristics and antioxidant activity of oat bran by superfine grinding
Takashi Kikuchi, 
Rigaku Corporation, Japan
P-3 Title: Single-crystal X-ray analysis for facile structure determination of agrochemical metabolites: a novel metabolite of imidacloprid
Wrzesniewska-Tosik K.
LUKASIEWICZ Research Network-Lodz Institute of Technology, Poland
P-4 Title: Smart hive - Improving Bee Living Conditions through Ecological Thermal Insulation and Remote Early Anomaly Detection
Jihong Wu, 
China Agricultural University, China
P-5 Title: Effects of cold plasma, high hydrostatic pressure, ultrasound, and highpressure carbon dioxide pretreatments on the quality characteristics of vacuum freeze-dried jujube slices
Justyna Wietecha, 
LUKASIEWICZ Research Network-Lodz Institute of Technology, Poland
P-6 Title: Smart hive - Improving Bee Living Conditions through Ecological Thermal Insulation and Remote Early Anomaly Detection
Lin Yuan, 
China Agricultural University, China
P-7 Title: Effects of cold plasma, high hydrostatic pressure, ultrasound, and highpressure carbon dioxide pretreatments on the quality characteristics of vacuum freeze-dried jujube slices
 Andrea Mathova,
Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague 
P-8 Title: Respondent attitudes towards the consumption of artificial sweeteners

Virtual Agenda

9th Edition of innovations In FOOD SCIENCE AND HUMAN NUTRITION (IFHN-2024)
June 27, 2024
Virtual Session
Join Zoom Meeting Details:

Meeting ID: 865 9829 9264
Passcode: 624207

DAY-2 (June 27, 2024)
Parallel Session -Virtual CET
Xiaoyu Luo,
Beijing Normal University–Hong Kong Baptist University United International College Zhuhai, China 
10:00-10:20 Advances in the development of intelligent food packaging materials
Guohui Jiang, 
North Sichuan Medical College, China
10:20-10:40 Ketogenic diet and calorie-restricted diet attenuate ischemicbraininjury via UBR4 and downstream CamkII/TAK1/JNKsignaling
Chunping You, 
Dairy Research Institute, Bright Dairy & Food Co., Ltd., China
10:40-11:00 Biofilm formation risk assessment for psychrotrophic Pseudomonas in raw milk by MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry
Yu-Huei Liu,
China Medical University, Taiwan
11:00-11:20 High glucose and aberrant glycosylation in pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma progression
Valeria Iobbi, 
University of Genova, Italy
11:20-11:40 Characterization and sustainable applications of Ligurian ecotypes
Roberto Iorio, 
University of Salerno, Italy
11:40-12:00 Is paying a bribe a good idea? Corruption for innovation in middle-income countries
Giulia Querio, 
University of Turin, Italy
Francesca Cirillo, 
University of Calabria, Italy
12:20-12:40 Anticancer action of metformin in primary breast cancer cells
Giovanni Pallio, 
University of Messina, Italy
12:40-13:00 Positive effects of the nutraceutical association of lycopene and selenium in experimental varicocele
Rossella Vadala,  
University of Messina, Italy
13:00-13:20 Food waste as a sustainable source of astaxanthin through fermentation by Phaffia rhodozyme
Francesco Marotta, 
ReGenera R&D for Aging Intervention, Italy
Semanur Yildiz, 
Sakarya University, Turkey
13:40-14:00 Peroxidase inactivation in green peas by ultrasound-assisted blanching as an alternative to conventional thermal blanching
Andrei Glukharev,
Murmansk Arctic University, Russia
14:00-14:20 Characterization of biomaterials obtained from mussel (Mytilus edulis L.)
shells using acid and complexon treatment
Maria Luisa Andrade Mateus, 
Universidade de Lisboa, Portugal
Joanna Kolodziejczyk-Czepas, 
University of Lodz, Poland
14:40-15:00 Rhubarb-derived substances in a context of cardiovascular health: anti-obesity and anti-inflammatory effects
Gabriela Golebiowska-Paluch,
University of the National Education Commission, Krakow, Poland
15:00-15:20 2-DE-based and shotgun proteomics approach in the analysis of the seed proteome of a low phytic acid rice (Oryza sativa, ssp. japonica) mutant
Gisela Gerardi, 
University of Burgos, Spain
15:20-15:40 Bioavailability, redox signalling and modulation of oxidative stress by wine pomace products: from a winery by-product to a healthy product
Maria Sennye Nnyepi, 
University of Botswana, Botswana
15:40-16:00 Household food insecurity, poverty, and child malnutrition in Botswana
Rosa Aragao Borner,
Societé des Produits Nestlé SA, Swizerland
16:00-16:20 Enhancing Nutritional Value and Flavor of Plant-Based Milk Alternatives through Microbial Fermentation
Virginia Gabriela Cilia-Lopez, 
Universidad Autonoma de San Luis Potosi, Mexico
16:20-16:40 Environmental pollution and how it contributes to an obesogenic environment
Phuong Mai Le
National Research Council Canada, Canada
16:40-17:00 Keynote Talk:-A Power Tool of Carbon Isotope Ratio Measurement by 13C-qNMR for Food Authentication: A Case of Vanillin
Jean L. Kristeller,
Indiana State University, USA
17:00-17:20 Mindful eating: Connecting with the healthy self, the wise self
Feng Tao, 
Texas A&M University School of Dentistry, USA
17:20-17:40 Gut microbiota and pain modulation
A. Maleah Holland-Winkler, 
Augusta University, USA
17:40-18:00 Effects of peanut butter on blood pressure in firefighters
Joan Cook-Mills, 
Indiana University School of Medicine, U.S.A.
18:00-18:20 Alpha-tocopherol and gamma-tocopherol have opposing functions in regulation of allergic disease.
Urska Dobersek, 
University of Southern Indiana, USA
18:20-18:40 Meat Consumption and Its Relation to Positive & Negative Mental Health
Laxmi Yeruva, 
18:40-19:00 Nutrition is medicine: key players in healthy development
Lilian Were Senger,
Chapman University, USA
19:00-19:20 Detection of Thiolyl-Chlorogenic Acid Conjugates Induced by Alkaline Conditions with Cysteine and Glutathione 
Rebecca Seguin-Fowler,
Texas A&M Institute for Advancing Health Through Agriculture, USA
19:20-19:40 COVID-19 related protocol considerations and modifications within a rural, community-engaged health promotion randomized trial